Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Colours

No, I didn't spell "colour" wrong...even if my blogger spell-checker tells me so.

Here are a couple new colours of my chunky yarn in my shop. It's an 80% alpaca/20%merino chunky 3 ply.

In Twilight

In Bella Donna
I almost called this one black cherry. I thought that with the dark overtones, this colour would knit into a great accessory for an otherwise all-in-black who wouldn't ever wear anything named "black cherry".

This is our truck. Big, bad-ass 4x4 truck. I try not to drive this, since I am short and cannot exit it gracefully. Wearing a skirt when I have to get in is not an good option. On a winter dressy occasion, when the nasty weather forced us to take the truck, we had to haul a stepping stool for me to get out without ripping my skirt. Sometimes, I have to drive the truck to work at the little library. It's not the type of vehicle your "library lady" should have to drive to work, is it?

We bought this truck after our other navy truck got flattened by a huge pine tree that fell in our driveway during a wind storm. Red wasn't a colour we would normally buy, but this used truck was available at a good price.

I have these blossoms showing all around the sheds and on the way to the barn. When I was young, we called them snapdragons. I'm not sure if that is the correct name for them. They sure are pretty.

Who decides if something is a weed or a flower?