Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos and Pumpkins

I haven't spent much time getting to know my new camera, but I am still amazed at the difference in photo quality that the new, better technology and a real zoom lens makes! 
Sweet Banty Hen
(Miss East Ferris Township 2011)

Evil Killer Hen
(RunnerUp Miss EFT 2011)


KaKocha's Nose
(yes, alpaca noses are soft!)

Not-Quite-Cured Pumpkins
My pumpkins did not quite ripen on the vine.  We've had heavy frosts lately which has killed the vines, so I picked most of them today.  There were a few already starting to rot in the garden.  From what I've googled, I should be able to 'cure' these ones so that they turn orange.  Regardless, if they don't get squishy, someone can make jack-o-lanterns from them even if they are green.
It's very cold and very wet this weekend.  I saw a few flakes of snow today.  Tomorrow, we have wood being delivered.  It's definitely time for toques and boots and hot apple toffee lattes!