Monday, October 5, 2009

My Hat Project

After spinning some of my hand painted rovings (70% my alpaca/ 30% somebuddy else's merino), I had a hard time deciding to try my hand at Navajo Plying. (For those non-spinners, it's a way of plying that uses one strand looped within itself like a crochet chain. For painted rovings, it allows colour to stay together in lengths of the 3 ply yarn.)
Well, I ended up with a useable yarn, but I'm going to have to practice this. The yarn was quite overtwisted.

I've started knitting a simple hat for myself.

Yesterday, we went to the Sturgeon River Museum in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario for their annual Cranberry Festival. We had a great breakfast of pancakes and sausage there, then took in the museum and visited the artisans on display. We skipped the expedition to the cranberry marsh, as we had an outside day planned at home. I was pleased to run into a fibre artist friend who had a booth there, along with several other quality artisans. The museum is worth a day trip any time, as they displays of the history of logging, the fur trade and the people of the area are very educational.

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