Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun, Food and Family

Hopefully, that's what everyone's past few days have been about.

You know you're a mom when....

I received these from my darling 13 year old daughter. They make me giggle when I wear them.

I also received a Wii Sports Resort game! I love it! I never really enjoyed the Mario Kart game that we had...I'm a bit spastic for to many visuals going on at a high speed. But these games, I like. I am like 'totally awesome' at wakeboarding. There's something kind of sick with my family that we enjoy watching our little Wii guys plow headfirst into a bouy marker.

I've tried the dog-frisbee, archery and the plane games so far. Great family fun.

Okay - so I had to get something alpaca and yarn-ish in here.

These are the wonderfully soft socks that I made for Gary this Christmas. This is great yarn - it soft of felts itself with wear. The socks I have like this are totally solid on the sole. Totally toasty, too.

I've got a bad cough that's lasted 9 days now and is disturbing everyone's sleep. I hope it clears up soon. The good thing about it is, that I'm trying to give myself some R&R and not stress about things to be done.

The library where I work part-time is closed and with the fall yarn and gift sales season over, I should be able to cut myself some slack.
I'm reading Wally Lamb's "I Know This Much is True". The book is quite heavy - in both size and content. I'm glad I have this free time to get through it. He's a great author.

I rearranged my store today and brought my electric carder into the store. The rest of the house has too much static at this time of the year to card fibre successfully. I've started my year-end inventory today and am trying to resist getting my 'LIST' started. You know...the list that says what I need to paint Amy's bedroom, get two scarf warps started, get some yarn dyeing done, get ahead on my carding, etc. Arggghhh....

I found a nice scarf pattern yesterday that I think suits the 160g of handspun that I was trying to find a use for. This yarn started out as a large batch of handspun, but I have sold the rest of this lovely stuff made into wraps. It's a special yarn that was made from a blend of my crias that were born in our first year of raising alpacas. I will keep this scarf for myself.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Great slippers, it is good to giggle now and then! I'm not a game person, not even as a child...just didn't seem to hold my attention...but enjoy!

Those socks are wonderful...nothing like hand knit socks and grandmother used to make them when she was alive and I loved them! Do you ever make socks to sell?

Hope your cough disappears soon...can't get much rest with a cough even if you cut back on your work etc.!

Take care of yourself...

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Hi Heather,

Yeah, these socks are great. I have a knitter who knits socks and other lovely things for my shop from my yarn. She's a much better knitter than I, and faster, so it just makes sense.
I'm a freak about my socks. If I'm not wearing alpaca socks, then I will wear handknit of another fibre. Occassionally, my laundry will be behind and I am forced to put on some of my old 'Made in China' socks...but I am setting myself up for a disappointing day ;).
Congrats on your one-woman show success. I hope I can make the next one.
Take care,

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hey Norma...wanted to stop back to wish you and yours and Happy happiness and prosperity for you all!!!

PS...I'll have to talk with you about the knitter who makes socks with your yarn...