Sunday, May 22, 2011

North Bay Farmer's Market

The North Bay Farmer's Market opened on Saturday under a beautiful, sunny sky.  I was there bright and early as a customer.

I made a haul. 

I bought some handwoven teatowels from Joe-Ann Ribout of Mountainview Weaving.  Joe-Ann was apologetic that the price had gone up to reflect the price of cotton this year.  As a weaver myself, I know the amount of time and skill that goes into these teatowels.  I've bought Joe-Ann's before, and they seem to be indestructible.  The cotton washes up nice, time and time again.  These ones are for a gift.

I really went to the market in search of fresh asparagus and rhubarb.  There was a number of vendors that had asparagus, but I bought mine from Ron Warman of Powassan.

I was pleased to find a local meat farmer at the market, selling meat that was raised the traditional way, without hormones or antibiotics.  I bought some frozen T-bones from the Holden family from Eau Claire. (I found out that they farm on the same road that my grandparent's farm was on.)

There were a lot of vegetable plants for sale.  I saw Schlosser Farms had some of those mushroom-growing logs for sale.

I chatted with a couple vendors that I knew and then took my loot home. (Okay, Heather, if you are reading this and wondering why I didn't stop at your booth, you were very busy with customers!)

Some of the asparagus got eaten for supper, the rest frozen for a couple other meals.
The rhubarb is chopped up and waiting to be made into crisp for tonights supper (if the house cools down enough to bear having the oven on.)

I wouldn't have been prepared to have a booth on Saturday.  But I hope that I get a spot soon.  Despite the lugging of wares, tent and tables in the early morning frenzy and the unpredictability of the weather on an outdoor market, the market is a good day out.


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

I must have a look for those tea towels next time I go to the market. I was thinking of asparagus soup all weekend! I will make a batch to bring to my daughter, now that she's back home from hospital.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

If you want those dishtowels, you will want to get them early in the season. I think she weaves throughout the winter...last year, I waited too long and she didn't have any left for the last part of the summer.

farmer said...

the tea towels are beautiful!
Our market moved and had a grand opening yesterday,I love seeing the vendor's and what unique things each has to offer,isn't spring great?!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Weaving is so time-consuming. I never understood using such beautiful handwork items in the kitchen. However, I guess this is a transition that I am making that I only want quality products, preferably handcrafted around my home.

luckybunny said...

You did good! The dish towels are gorgeous! I bet the steak will be delish too, and the veg.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hey Norma...good to hear you made it to the Market on Saturday...sorry we weren't able to chat for a bit, sometimes it gets a bit hectic in the booth!!!

Wasn't it a beautiful day...great people, great products and great entertainment!

I hear you about Joe's weaving...I always purchase at least twice a year but then I'm at an advantage as I'm right beside her...I know when she is getting low or has a color that I must have....I love her dish cloths and towels...they will last forever, I'm sure!

For the next month at least some of the growers will be should be receiving a few phone calls I would think.
Enjoy the day...

Val said...

The asparagus looks lovely Norma. I have about 5 plants here that are 3 yrs old and this year I hoped for a plentiful harvest. 10 days ago they were just popping through the soil, and we had to go away for 5 days to S. Ontario. By the time we got back they were 4 ft tall and gone to see already. Guess I will see if I can get some at the Farmer's Market...I am so sorry to miss my own crop.

Have you ever tried roasting asparagus? First lay it on parchement paper, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with Peccorino Romano cheese or freshly grated Parmensan and some fresh grated pepper. Roast at 400 for 10 min...or put on the barbecue. Yummy.

Leontien said...

Looks like you had a good trip!

Thanks for sharing

Leigh said...

Outdoor marketing definitely sounds like a plus. Offers an outlet for various products, a chance to get away (and still be productive), an opportunity to socialize and network, plus getting to be out of doors. Win win. You got some great things and I hope you do really well.