Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where Did July Go?

July is almost done.  Most of the month has been very hot and humid.  That kind of weather is very worrisome when you have livestock.  And since we had very little rain in July, I would have thought my neglected gardens would have shrivelled up to nothing.

It pays to plant hardy, native species!  I don't even weed my flower bed.  I have big bushy perennials that fight for space in the garden with long grasses.  It looks fabulous and colourful at this time of year.

My vegetable garden is a jungle!  We enjoyed a lot of lettuce until the extreme heat came and it turned wild and bitter.  I am purposely letting some of the lettuce go to flower so I can try to save some seeds for next year.  My friend suggested that I could still pull the old stuff out and plant some new seeds to have new lettuce growth.  I may try that.

The purple bean plants are growing like wild.  There are a lot of beautiful purple flowers.  I hope this means a lot of beans in the next couple weeks.

The tomato plants have a lot of flowers on them and some little green tomatoes starting.  I read on Facebook that my friend nearby is already eating tomatoes from her garden.  Hmmmm...I planted late.  I hope not too late.

I didn't plant many squash, but they are still trying to take over everywhere.   I had thought twice about planting them in my garden because of this.  Next year, they are definitely getting their own garden!

I'm proud of my little garden.  We have tilled up a portion of the poor pasture so that we can make a bigger garden next year. 

And I leave you with a picture of my relaxing chair in my little piece of paradise.  This is 30 minutes from home, so it makes a great farmer's vacation spot.  Far enough away to forget the work piling up at home, but close enough to pop home to do the chores.  


Bug's Mommy said...

Norma, everything looks beautiful. I completely share your love of hardy perennials. If it can't take care of itself in my garden, I don't want it. Your vacation spot makes me miss ours very much.

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Don't you just love perennials? I love those pink ones you have. And your little piece of should frame that picture for those days when you can't drive out there...looks so peaceful.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great job on the garden "should" be very proud!

Your little piece of paradise is wonderful, looks quiet and peaceful, enjoy it when you can!

Leigh said...

Your garden looks like mine. I agree about planting natives, but I still have to wee them, what gives! ;)