Monday, October 10, 2011


It's been the most beautiful Thanksgiving weekend here in Ontario. 

Saturday morning was 25C and sunny.  I had a booth at the last Saturday farmer's market in North Bay.  I was looking forward to the nice weather for my outside booth, instead of huddling against a wet, cold, wind like usual.  Usually, my warm woolie goods don't sell as much in the warm, sunny weather, but for some reason, I had a super sales day.

Having a booth at the market is often a hit and miss for sales.  Some friends wonder why I would bother lugging my car full of goods, tent and tables, along with my sleepy teenager to the market for 4 hours of promotion in all kinds of interesting weather on a Saturday morning.  Sometimes I've wondered myself.  However, I always feel great after the market.  I talk to wonderful people, some are local, some are tourists from all over.  Many have an interest in the animals that I raise and the process of making fleece into yarn.   Most are appreciative of quality handcrafted goods.  Some are die-hard fibre art addicts like myself.  I always have great conversations there.  I've been involved on an occasional basis for 3 years now, and I've come to know many of the other vendors.  We are a committed group that know that our offerings of locally grown food,  quality handcrafted products and a great shopping experience bring value to our community.

 I have saved my seeds from my squash, lettuce, beans and tomatoes this year.  Packaged and labelled, they will go into the drawer for next year.  You may notice in the farm shot above that the middle small pasture has been tilled.  Part of that pasture will become a vegetable garden next year.  We will take the lessons learned from our little garden and expand next spring.

Saturday afternoon we went to the lake, cooked steaks on the open fire, then watched the stars over the lake into evening.  We slept with the windows open to a warm breeze.  In the morning, I took my coffee to the lake to watch the sun come over the hill and take the mist from the lake.  The lake was like glass reflecting the forest of autumn colours.  (Yes, you guessed it, I forgot to bring my camera.)  It was an incredibly beautiful scene, made even more special knowing how unusual weather this was for mid-October in Northern Ontario.

Somebody got massacred on the picnic table yesterday at home.

I spent part of today dyeing some beautiful colours while the turkey cooked.

I have much to be thankful for.


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

I don't care much for fall but I must admit that I've had a change of heart this year with this wonderful weather. Your getaway at the lake sounds blissful.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Oh what a glorious weekend it was! I got to visit my puddleducks and my son & my sweet April made a wonderful dinner and fantastic memory for me to bring back. The drive there and back took my breath away..what a beautiful country we live in ..really. Deeply thankful and blessed.
I look forward to seeing your new colors and beautiful fibers sometime! love & light Debix

Azure Islands Designs said...

I have to agree Norma...the last Market day was superb!!! Fabulous weather, wonderful conversations and a great sales day to top it all off!!!

We have been so fortunate this season the weather has been, very good and who could ask for better weather than what we've had this fall?

Sounds like you enjoyed your Thanksgiving the sound of your time at the lake!
Hope to see you "around"

luckybunny said...

I know, it's been the most beautiful Thanksgiving weekend weather wise in ages, I can't get over it. Your weekend sounds wonderful, especially coffee at the lake and the BBQ. Sounds like a lovely way to spend this weekend. That poor, poor, pumpkin! LOL

Leigh said...

I love posts like this, that focus on the things we do have to be thankful for. Your comment on my blog and your post here about your area farmer's market really emphasize something of immeasurable value, community. You are supporting and building your local network... priceless!