Saturday, November 12, 2011

November, BLAHvember

November in Northern Ontario.  Damp, grey, wet, cold, dark at 5:00pm.

All those fun things like:
- getting the snow tires on
- remembering to put my snow wiper in the car and buy some ice-melt at the hardware store
- trying to remember to put away all those tools before they get buried in the snow
- staying out of the bush so I don't get shot by a hunter
- lugging hay out through the muck of the barnyard
- the start of "hat-head" season
- the extra 2 lbs in the newspaper that is Christmas advertising
- someone reminding you that there are only 47 shopping days left, then 46, then 45, then 44...
- freezing rain
- fourteen hours of darkness and ten hours of grey dimness

and for me, November is also the month that my age changes.  Okay, the number doesn't just 'change' actually increases.

So, I am changing the name to BLAH-vember.

Are you with me?

Chin up.  We'll get through it with a big dose of Vitamin D.
And Vitamin F. (F is for fibre, preferably alpaca fibre in beautiful handdyed colours and it's also for friends that make you laugh)

Here's something else.

A few years ago, my sister sent me this silly card by the artist named Sark.  It was titled 'How to be a Succulent Wild Woman' and had suggestions like

- paint your soul
- be rare eccentric and original
- celebrate your gorgeous friendships with women
I have this card cover taped up where I can see it when I am doing office work.

Look what I found in the library the other day!

It's a lovely happy book by Sark, all about learning to cultivate pleasure in our lives no matter what else is happening.  Apparently, there is another book titled " Succulent Wild Woman".

This is good month for this book!
I hope you are finding pleasure these deserve it!


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

You're so right about BLAHvember. And by december, it will be dark by 4 o'clock. Must look for that author...and Happy November Birthday!

Linda said...

Love it Norma. Doesn't sound blah to me!Other than the weather and dark and...all that stuff. You are keeping yourself amused! Thanks for the smile.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

You are FABULOUS and can only get better with each passing second. Bah Humbug to birthday doggmah...

I have joined happy creative groups who cultivate fellowship daily, they are posted on my blog..they brought a smile to a bitter face. AND!!!!
I to found the answer to just one of my challenges the LIBRARY♥
"The Secret to making 2 socks at 1 time" my family will have matching socks for Christmas...So November has been quite cheery so far. Thank you for the book suggestions, even more fun to look forward to♥

Azure Islands Designs said...

You are right...drab, drab, drab...but today was a gorgeous sunny day!!!!!

Sark sounds like an author I should check out!
Happy Birthday...


luckybunny said...

Ha! Love that book, looks like fun. I agree about BLAHvember, always feel that way too. I hate it being dark at 5 PM. At least here, it's been fairly warm still, but a little too much to be honest. Happy Birthday to you :) I agree with Prudence, you are just getting better that's all :)

Leigh said...

You're making a good point here, that in order for things to not be so blah, we have to consider what we have to be glad about! Love the roving, BTW.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks all for the comments. I've been abducted by aliens, but I'm back now!
Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind words. I AM getting better and love the age I am.