Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mostly Pictures

This is a bloom on a lovely rescued potted Gerbera daisy just prior to our killing frost last week.  My daughter is an optimistic saviour of all my neglected plants.  She takes  my neglected potted plants to the back yard picnic table and, whatever she does - somehow manages to revive them from brown, parched and wilted stems back into colourful, blooming life.
This year, she also planted sunflower seeds in pots on the picnic table.Her grandmother and I kept explaining to her that you couldn't plant sunflowers in pots - that they needed more soil to support the long stalks.  She persisted with her pots, but, in order to keep her elders quiet, she also planted a lot along the edge of the garden and various spots in the yard.  Guess what?  None of the sunflowers planted in the ground took (I think the chipmunks ate the seeds) but her potted sunflowers grew tall and beautiful.  

Some blueberry scones, just out of the oven. 

 My big boy Junior. 
His best pal, Sadie.
They have been here two months now and have settled both the home and our hearts.  They are very good dogs.
The alpacas are still wary of them.   We don't bring the dogs into the barn or pastures yet.  The dogs will lay and stay on command at the barn door when I do the chores.
Smokey the cool cat is still in shock.  He still hasn't got over the fact that we are letting Mittens (the stray cat) into his house at night. 
We walk with the dogs around the outside of the alpaca pastures usually twice a day to go play ball in the back fields.  The dogs take the opportunity to do their 'business' on that walk.  I'm happy that they are leaving their 'calling cards' for the coyotes to notice.
The dogs didn't seem to know how to swim when we brought them to the lake.  This was very odd to us.  Being in Northern Ontario with access to lakes everywhere - it's just part of life with a dog to take them swimming.  It took a bit of play and convincing, but Junior now enjoys swimming to fetch.  Sadie will only go up to her chest, wait for Junior to go fetch the stick and then try to steal the prize from him before he gets to shore. 

Sometimes you make choices and just hope for the best.  These dogs were a very good choice for us.

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Rian said...

Norma, I'm glad that your dogs have worked out so well. They are handsome animals. And it sounds like your daughter definitely has a green thumb... something she should continue to cultivate.

Carol Tomany said...

Great shots!!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Rian and Carol - thanks for the comments. Yes, the dogs have indeed exceeded my expectation.

oak haven alpacas said...

I love that the dogs are fitting in so well! Seems that so often it goes the other way.


Julia said...

Those dogs are just beautiful!

Zenitude said...

Yay for your daughter for believing and succeeding. Picture are beautiful!

Azure Accessories said...

I think it is great your daughter has such a green thumb...hopefully she keeps it up!

you must be so grateful the dogs are fitting in with the would be difficult if they didn't

Leigh said...

That's wonderful that the dogs are working out. I know there's alway a touch of wariness when you have livestock, but these two seem perfect for you.

luckybunny said...

Beautiful pictures and I'm so happy about the dogs, they fit right in and I have no doubt it was meant to be! Lovely to see them so happy and you too!