Friday, October 12, 2012

Photos and Pumpkins

I haven't spent much time getting to know my new camera, but I am still amazed at the difference in photo quality that the new, better technology and a real zoom lens makes! 
Sweet Banty Hen
(Miss East Ferris Township 2011)

Evil Killer Hen
(RunnerUp Miss EFT 2011)


KaKocha's Nose
(yes, alpaca noses are soft!)

Not-Quite-Cured Pumpkins
My pumpkins did not quite ripen on the vine.  We've had heavy frosts lately which has killed the vines, so I picked most of them today.  There were a few already starting to rot in the garden.  From what I've googled, I should be able to 'cure' these ones so that they turn orange.  Regardless, if they don't get squishy, someone can make jack-o-lanterns from them even if they are green.
It's very cold and very wet this weekend.  I saw a few flakes of snow today.  Tomorrow, we have wood being delivered.  It's definitely time for toques and boots and hot apple toffee lattes!


Zenitude said...

Those chicken look so good! And I can almost feel the softness of those alpacas.

Azure Accessories said...

Wow...your photos are really great Norma! I really like the animal cute.

I manage to take descent shots outside, but...I've had trouble taking good shots inside.


luckybunny said...

I heard about those snow flakes... none here, just drizzly rain but I know what's coming! I love the pictures, KaKocha's Nose is my favorite, great clear shot. and it does look soft!

It was a rough year for pumpkins... I'm making myself feel better about it by eating a ton of them!

Rian said...

I love your animal shots. Sweet Banty hen is so pretty. And Georgie's face is adorable!

Julia said...

I would want to kiss those fuzzy little faces all day long! Your photos are gorgeous - Georgie is a great subject!

Carol Tomany said...

Wonderful pictures!!

Leigh said...

Snow! Oh my. So nice everyone posed so well for a photo op! Even the pumpkins. :)