Sunday, September 13, 2009

Green with Envy

Well, I think I can say with all certainty now that I am a farmer.

There was a day that when eyeing a friend in a great suit or an exquisite pair of leather boots, I might have been quite jealous and in dire need of a shopping trip. However, the other day, while reading my newly arrived issue of "Camelid Quarterly", I spotted an article written by my friend, Marj Brady of Amazing Graze Alpacas. The article was a humorous take on manure management. While the article was entertaining, I was more captivated by the photo of Marj's pastures.

Yes -- I had a serious case of Pasture-Envy. Marj's were lush and green...the same shade of green as my jealousy.

Gary and I have been keeping our eye out for an inexpensive small-scale manure spreader for a long time. Most of the used ones are for large tractors and the new small scale ones are quite pricey. It just so happens that on friday, I had to run an errand to "the tractor place". If I hadn't seen Marj's photo earlier, would I have asked "the tractor guy" once more whether he ever came across a used small-scale spreader?

Well, I did. And he did! The right size, the right price and home it came...

Isn't it a thing of beauty, too? Not one of those shiny metal things, this beauty has a history to it!

It works like a charm. The sh-t really flies!!! In fact, it worked so well, my 13 year old daughter thought it looked like more fun to work with her dad than to go shopping at the mall. An that in itself is priceless!


marj. said...

Hey chickie! No worries, I'm envious of big, perfectly stacked wood piles, grassy green hay cut and stored before it was rained on and people with more time, energy and ability than I.
You can come fling sh*t around my pastures anytime!

Rebecca said...

It's adorable!