Friday, February 12, 2010

Go Team Canada!

The 2010 Olympics open in Vancouver today. Project and screen are ready in the family room for start of the family couch-potato event. Go CANADA!!!

I have the vet coming this afternoon to draw blood for routine testing for some young alpacas. I get to hold while he attempts to stick a needle in them. Doesn't that sound like fun? I'll probably earn some quality couch-potato time.

Suzanne has finished weaving our black alpaca textile for our jackets. Look!

If you have a dog in your house, you know the wonderful feeling of being loved when your pet runs to greet you at the door when you come home from work. Your dog loves you unconditionally.
Well, my alpacas watch for me in the morning. When they see me leave the house and walk towards the barn, they stop what they are doing and make a mad dash to meet me at the barn.

I am under no illusion.
They could care less whether it's me, my husband or someone else.
They know it's time for their pellets (that's the stuff they get twice a day that gives them their vitamins and minerals that our native forage doesn't give them).
And they might likely run me over if I get in between them and the barn door.

Here's a picture of my two weanlings vacuuming up their pellets. I feed them in a separate area, so they don't have to compete with the big ones for their pellets.

Look at the beautiful tulips that I was given this week. Makes me feel like spring has arrived. (And since is was -32C this morning at our house, I need to be reminded that it is coming!)

And another sign that spring is around the corner...
I took this shot just before noon yesterday. And before you all go "Huh?". This is inside my uninsulated 3-season solarium. The sun was shining in and it was warm enough to sit in there and spin or read (well, if time had permitted...) in the warm sunniness.
And to those American friends who might still be thinking "Huh?" It's in's nice and warm at 22C!

Sunday is Valentine's Day, and Monday is the Family Day holiday. Hope you Feel The Love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Norma,
Well we finally got snow way down here. It didn't last long though.
Suzanne did a wonderful job on the fabric! I can't wait to see the jackets. I know they will be beautiful.
I know what you mean about the Alpacas and food. My goats and even Jack and Betsy are the same way. Someone enters the barn and here they all come running. What is funny seeing me trying to beat them in so I can get the fed out before they all come in.
We are only up to 40F. here today. Normal high is 61F. I am so ready for spring.
Have a great day.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks for dropping in.

Well, I am anxious to show that jacket done, as well. Suzanne is done weaving and it's my job to wash the 5.5 yards textile...I've never been so nervous about laundry before!

I found a Celcius to Fahrenheit covertor...this morning, it was about -13C here which according to this convertor is about 8.6F. And we were happy it was this warm ;)
Actually, we have not nearly as much snow here as usual this year, which is great for us, but not so great for the fields that rely on the spring melt.

Take care!