Friday, February 19, 2010

Yarn, Scarf and Socks-to-Be

We've watched more of the Olympics this year than ever before. We bought a projection unit and set it up for the opening ceremonies last week. I'm not sure what my favourite part of the ceremonies was - the hundreds of First Nation's dancers in full costume, Sarah McLaughlin vocals or Katie Lang singing 'Hallelujah'. I can't imagine the work involved in putting such a huge show on. I think it showed the best of Canada - in many different forms.

We watched Canada get it's first gold on Canadian soil, won by Alexandre Bilodeau, which was a great thrill and so touching that he dedicated it to his brother. There has been so many other highlights and we admired the abilities of the athletes of all countries. I have never been a hockey fan, but last night's men's game between Canada and Switzerland had even me on the edge of my seat. Some times, it's just not safe to knit and watch TV!

I've finished my Autumn Days scarf in handspun alpaca and merino this week. This pattern is by Aimee Alexander and is available on Ravelry. I really enjoyed knitting this 6-row pattern and I'm happy with the scarf. I have learned two things. The first, is that a heathered, slightly inconsistent yarn does not show a lace pattern off well. A smoother yarn would have shown off my stitches better. Also, if the scarf pattern says - knit to 60 inches....well, trust the designer...I didn't realize how much the scarf would stretch out with blocking. It's very long.
It is very soft and has already started to bloom. Looks great with black.

I'm currently knitting these socks out of my 3 ply sock yarn of 60% alpaca\20%merino\20% nylon. I had dyed up a bunch of skeins in an intense batch of 'vermillion'. Unfortunately, this batch bled significantly when I washed it. I tried fixing the dye several times, but it just bleeds.
I suspect it might be this colour of dye. Anyway - this yarn makes a very soft but durable pair of socks, so I will knit them for my own use.

Today, I went to a knitting group that was just starting at the Powassan Public Library. I met some lovely women, had some good laughs and shared some knitting ideas. Unfortunately, as always happens, I knit 3 rows and then find a mistake and unknit 3 rows. I can only knit plain stockinette and carry on a conversation at the same time.

I've been trying to update my stock with new colours. As always, the blues, teals and berry colours are more plentiful out of my dyepot. This time, I tried to do something else with a thought to pleasing someone that doesn't share my same favourites.
The Olive colour had to win me over, but I liked the look of the 'Autumn Roses' variegated even before it had set in the pot. This is a very soft, chunky 3 ply alpaca\merino blend.

Gotta go start something else...or maybe find a UFO to finish....

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