Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cute and Soft

Really!  Look at those eyes!  This is Ginger.   She's six months old.  (BTW...she does have ears....really).

I've got a baby blanket on the needles.  I'm going to be a great-aunt in March.  This blanket is kind of a boring knit, but I'm thinking the next baby project might be a really cool baby dragon hat or something.

This is a Santa made by local artist and my friend, Pat Stamp of Ash Creek Pottery.  Some of my friends might recognize the material that Santa is wearing as my former merino jacket...which I shrank!!!  And this Santa's beard is kid mohair from Elmlea Farm in Ontario.  (The fur cape is faux, by the way).  He's a very special Santa.

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Azure Islands Designs said...

I have to agree Ginger is so cute...who wouldn't love those eye!!! What does it mean when she has her ears back like that???

Beautiful blanket...can't wait to see the maybe "dragon hat"!

Love the Santa...all of Pat's work is gorgeous, but it would be extra special to know it is made with your personal items!

Wishing you and yours health, happiness and prosperity in 2011 Norma!!!