Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things I Made Today

I've been busy with my carder, preparing batts and rovings for sale.  I'm heading to Elliot Lake in early May for a weaving and spinning conference and aim to have some lovely batts for sale, as well as my yarns.

This batt is a combination of my dyed alpaca in mauve and royal blue, with some blue merino and some white and navy silk.  It's stunning and oh, so soft....This batch may have to stay behind in my stash.

That's the hazard of creating yarns and fibres.  Sometimes it's hard to part with my product. 

It is rewarding, though, to run into a fellow fibre artist later, who proudly displays a wonderful one-of-a-kind finished garment that started with fibre from my farm.

I borrowed a cake tin from my public library last week.  Isn't that neat?  Our public library has a wide assortment of cake pans to lend out to it's members.  Some people think that is an odd thing for a public library to do, but public libraries today are not just about lending books, but rather about providing the community to many kinds of shared resources.

Somewhere in my memory, I can remember my mother making a special Easter lamb cake.  I must have been about seven years old.  The lamb had white coconut as the fleece and green coconut as the grass.  The "how-to" had been from a Chatelaine magazine.  This wasn't something that my mother would typically do, considering she had six kids in her hectic home and a husband on the road...cake decorating just wasn't a priority.  But I do remember that Easter lamb cake as something very special.

I had never made an Easter cake for my daughter (and although I can blame a hectic home, I only have the one offspring and a very present I own no good excuses other than "it ain't my thing"). 

That mother-owned guilt was telling me that I might have missed the chance to make a good, warm Easter memory for my daughter.

But we made our cake today together, my daughter and I. 

And, along the way, we made a special Easter memory.

Happy Easter!


luckybunny said...

First of all the cake looks adorable and I think that was a wonderful thing to do with your daughter. I have no doubt it will be a special Easter memory. Second of all conference in Elliot Lake sounds great - hope you do well. And the color of that batt is absolutely stunning!

Wooly Knits n Bits said...

That is the best Easter cake I've ever seen! Must have been such a fun thing to do with your daughter.
Wonderful batt, might have to get myself one of those.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Picture Perfect and memory priceless now wow them in Elliot Lake...and dont forget to share it with US! ♥Debi

Leigh said...

I have never heard of a library lending out cake pans! How cool is that. Such a wonderful way to make memories with your daughter. The cake looks yummy too.