Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forget the Fleece...

Okay, not really....but look at these eyes! 

He's still very much a shy mama's boy, but he's getting a little more curious.
30 lbs of adorable. (and yes, he does have ears... they are just tucked back.)
I'm currently calling him Joey...short for Copper Joe.  I say currently because I'm not sure if it suits, but I wanted the Copper part in there for his colour.

I'm beating the heat at Ralph Johnston's basement weaving studio these days.

I've woven a couple of alpaca rugs in plain weave.  These are the first alpaca rugs I have woven.  The thick rug yarn has a jute cord in the centre and weaves up very quickly.  I'm anxious to get some more rug yarn milled so I can experiment with different patterns.

I've also been using the heat as an excuse to lay around and watch some TV series from the library.  Laying around is a new art form for me...and I must say, I am learning to enjoy it.

Are you familiar with Downton Abbey?  I work part-time in the Audio Visual department of the city library and was quite bewildered by the obsession over the Downton Abbey series.  But now, I'm hooked into the characters and story line.
And, ER has George Clooney.  Need I say more?  The library owns fifteen seasons of ER...I'm only up to season four.  I do hope George Clooney is in all fifteen seasons.
Speaking of obsession.

The eyes!
Maybe I should call the cria George.  Or Copper George.


oak haven alpacas said...

Is he cute!!! We had a boy about that same color that we named Copper Canyon, we also wanted copper in there for his color.

Beautiful weaving too! I so need to start making some rugs.


luckybunny said...

He is so adorable! Those big sweet eyes!

I have heard of Downtown Abbey but I've never seen it. I can imagine how you might get pretty interested in the characters. I'll have to look for it too.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Cara - Thanks. They weave up really fast, use up fibre you wouldn't want to put into yarn or rovings and it really makes a product that people need\want.

Luckybunny - I knew you'd love him. Do they have a public library near you that will loan TV series?

Zenitude (formerly Wooly Knits n Bits) said...

What wonderful eyes he has! And Copper George would suit him.
I do love that weaving. I must stop in at the studio and have a look.

Rian said...

I just love alpaca eyes. My daughter had 2 adorable alpaca babies - Rambler and Cruise. They had the longest eye lashes.

Also I do like Downton Abbey, but I also like the mysteries, "Rosemary and Thyme" and "Pie in the Sky". Are you familiar with those?

Julia said...

That little guy is just about the most beautiful little thing I've seen in a long time! How do you deny those eyes anything?

I love your weaving - very beautiful!

We love the library and get lots of DVD's there because we only get 6 basic TV channels (I'm morally opposed to paying for TV! LOL). I haven't watched Downton Abbey yet, but we just finished the new Sherlock Holmes series, set in modern time, from PBS. Season 2 was very exciting!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Zenitude -'s Georgie for short, drives the hubby crazie ;)

Rian - The library has Rosemary and Thyme, but I haven't watched it. I hadn't heard of Pie in the Sky.

Julia - It's a good thing that Georgie doesn't really ask for anything. All he wants in life is right under his mom. I hardly watch 'real' TV...we had umpteen channels on the satellite service and STILL didn't have Downtown Abby or some others I enjoy. Love the library.