Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do Whatcha Wanna...

This is the title of the last episode of Season 2 of 'Treme'.  If you haven't seen the HBO series...and if you love Blues music, drama and don't mind hearing the 'F' word a lot- watch it!  The series begins in New Orleans just 3 months after Hurricane Katrina.  The people in the stories whose lives intersect are just trying to get their lives back together.  It's awesome and it left me searching my library catalog for other material written about the culture of New Orleans and the impact of Katrina on the people there.

'Do Whatcha Wanna'....

This is a hard concept for me and many people like me.
We understand the concept of getting a good education, striving to get a 'good' job, amassing wealth for long-range security (imaginary?) and juggling that with giving the best to your family and enough to your community.
Whew...what's left to 'Do Whatcha Wanna'?

For many of us, having a couple hours a week to pursue our passions is all there is.  If you are like me, carving out even a couple hours a week to 'create' feels like a luxury.  Sometimes there is a guilty feeling attached to taking time for myself to create something that will have no tangible value.

I envy those people who seem to know at an early age what they want to do - what they need to do - and are willing to sacrifice most other things in order to pursue that need.

I'm on the downhill slide towards 50.  It's taken me longer to realize that my life won't fully be lived unless I make time to 'create'.   Still now, it's hard to justify spending an afternoon painting or felting or writing when there is a to do list waiting and people or animals needing something from me.

Thinking about that earlier in the year, I connected with some like-minded artistic women to form a little art group.  We met once and shared some ideas and inspiration.  Great supportive women all of them.  We even made a silly name for the group.  The decision was made that we could arrange the time around my schedule of work and family life - since the rest are empty-nesters who are retired from their paying jobs.

Guess what?  I haven't arranged the second meeting.  No excuses.

What do YOU do to make sure you make time to 'Do Whatcha Wanna'?


Carol Tomany said...

It's a real problem. I create knitting designs and knit them, so I am doing a lot of time what I wanna and I am doing business which is another wanna; but I would like to travel more and "paint" or at least create canvases and I have not made time for this.

I have had to let the garden "go" a bit and the kids are now older, so I can expect them to do a bit more on their own. Fortunately my husband does the shopping, I just have to cook, clean and organize the maintenance on the house and my car. It's still very time consuming!!

Rian said...

Norma, I read about Treme, but haven't seen it yet. We are from New Orleans and my family still lives there.. so Katrina has had its effects on all of us. Some are just getting their houses rebuilt.
As for the 'do whatcha wanna' - its difficult until you own your own time (such as retirement). Otherwise, I think it will always be a struggle.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

As you have stated, that membership is "retired empty nesters from their paying jobs" and the schedule is around your commitments, well planning must be difficult when considering time and boundaries. Free yourself from labels and judgements and
"Do Whatca Wanna"! ♥Debi

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Carol - I should say that I do enjoy my business to which spinning, dyeing, weaving, etc are all a part of - plus meeting the great people. I also (usually) love my part-time library job.
It's just that creating art for the sake of creating art - not worrying about whether the colourway will sell - that's what I am trying to carve more time for.

Rian - I always wanted to visit New Orleans and had opportunities in the 90's to do so...passed by. I will get there someday again - this Treme has sparked my interest again. I understand that the public of New Orleans feel that Treme is an accurate depiction of the city and its people(?). I feel it has been a good education for those of us so far removed from the tragedy...both the natural disaster and the lack of assistance that the people received from the gov't and insurance companies.
With your connection, ou would definitely bring a different understanding to that I would.
As for the 'struggle' to 'do whatcha wanna'...I'm up for it ;)

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Debi - thanks...once in a while I realize that, in a lot of my circles of creative folk, I am the only one still caring for offspring as well as working another job besides the creative endeavour. I expect a lot from's just I have soooooooooo much I wanna do and the clock, she is a tickin'! (insert deep breathing techniques here ;))

Azure Accessories said...

I've not seen Treme...maybe I should take the time to watch?! might have stepped away from the corporate world commitment but you stepped into another type of commitment! While I'm sure it is less stressful and more enjoyable it is still a commitment none the suggestion is to be happy that is the most important thing...if you are everything else will fall into place! I often ask I really want to do this right now and if I don't it waits until I feel like it! I know this doesn't work with every situation but it does with many. I feel that attitude is a luxury...

I'm well past 50, in fact closer to 60 and the only commitment I have is to myself and my husband and he pretty much can take care of himself... :~) Don't get me wrong...I've children and grandchildren that are dear to me...but, they usually make me happy so it all works out!!!


Julia said...

Although I sell my pottery, I make sure that I set aside time every day during my studio time to make things I want to make - not just the stuff I know will sell. I read Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" books years ago and she talks about making a commitment to yourself every day. I move back and forth between a lot of mediums - weaving, locker hooking, painting, sketching, throwing pots - but I do something creative for myself EVERY day, even if only for 5 minutes. I'm a much happier person because I always keep that date with myself.

luckybunny said...

You better on top of that second meeting! I think it was such a great thing to do, form that group. I'd love to make a little supper club for once a month. You absolutely need to make room for the things you love as much as possible.

I haven't heard of that series either, but I'll have to check it out.