Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mostly Photos

I'm sharing a few pictures of the farm from this week.

We enjoyed a long Civic holiday weekend by just hanging around home.  It was perfectly relaxing.  The weather on Monday was perfect - sunny but not too hot or humid.

Here's a picture of my small herd enjoying the day doing what they love.

We put our hay in the barn early in the summer, but our back unfenced fields that don't get hayed do need to be cut to keep the bush from taking over.  Also, we use the fields for ball-play and walks with the dogs, so it's nicer to have the fields cut than try to wade through the growth.

My teenage daughter gets to use the newer model estate size tractor.  She loves being a tractor operator and she's very good at it.  This is a talent that she wouldn't have discovered by attending high school but I encourage her to investigate machine operating as a career choice. 

Hubby loves to drive his old (I can't recall if its 1939 or 1941..but it's old!) Allis-Chalmers that he fixed up last year.  In fact, it's got a small bench seat on it and sometimes he takes me for a romantic ride around the fields in the evening.  (My friend's partner has a new shiny convertible...I get an orange repainted tractor...)  It's bouncy!

The choke cherry trees are full of fruit.  We have a lot of these here which attract the birds, as well as bears.

This is a picture of the creek that runs between the house property and the barnyard.  It's very picturesque.  When I cross it, I am always looking to spot a beaver, ducks, muskrat, or other little creatures. 

We are harvesting our favourite summertime dish these days.  Fresh yellow beans, boiled and served with butter.  

By the way - my daughter's zucchini sales went really well and she had extra money for the midway!  She has the entreprenueral spirit and dreams of selling at the market next year ;)  Funny, she didn't find that talent at high school, either...
I could write further on that but...Oh - but don't get me would turn into a rant....;)


Prudence Puddleduck said...

We could start a choir on that is always the best teacher. Good for her! imagination and turning dreams into goals I know from experience that isnt taught in school...I love your ranch and all the critters. That is more romantic than any old car.

Julia said...

Lovely photos of the farm! Cutting and putting up hay is my least favorite guys make it look fun. :)

Zenitude said...

Life (and family) has so much to teach us, so many things are overlooked in school or are not seen in students. It takes a special team of educators to be open to ALL a child can be (yikes, and this coming from someone that worked a whole career in education!).
I can just imagine the lovely couple you surely make while riding on that tractor.

Carol Tomany said...

Love the pics your tractor & stream - Idyllic life!!

Rian said...

Love your pictures, Norma. You seem to have it all together... and appreciate what you have. That is wonderful... Saw your yarn on Etsy. My son-in-law has his wood turning there.

luckybunny said...

So glad the zucchini sales went really well! Those beans look great. I love the tractor! LOL and the romantic rides!

Azure Accessories said...

Great photos Norma...I like the idea of a tractor ride...sounds very nice!

Congratulations to your daughter on her sales! Encourage her to put an occasional application in at the Market, she might have to grow more but it sounds as though she would love it!!!


Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks all for your comments. I had added a reply here cyberspace apparently.
Zenitude...lovely couple in our farm clothes and rubber boots with dirty baseball caps ;) You've seen it;)
Carol - idyllic life...(in photos anyway!)
Heather at Azure - oh, she has been talking market sales since we put the seeds in. That would be great, she could have the yarn in her booth as well. Some day...