Tuesday, November 27, 2012

About Ambition

There's been something rolling around in my head that I needed to get out.  (The few marbles that are left, perhaps! ;))  Since it's been about 6 weeks since I've been inclined to post, I thought I should just throw these words together and see what happens.  The topic is a bit rambling and a bit off my usual topic of fibre arts and farm life, so the pictures provide some eye-candy.
I've been thinking about 'Ambition' lately and my relationship with that word.

 Single ply pink wool
Growing up, did you learn to associate the word 'Ambitious' as a positive personality trait or a negative personality trait?
How did family, cultural and religious influences help form those beliefs?

 Single ply from handpainted alpaca\wool
As a young person, if you heard the phrase "She's quite an ambitious gal", did it carry the same inference as "He's quite an ambitious fellow"?
Was one comment negative and the other positive?

 After plying into a 2 ply yarn...next step a cowl perhaps?

What makes someone very ambitious to lead and excel, while another is content to follow and accept what comes their way?

 my softest handspun yet...perhaps the softest yarn I've ever felt!
What happens to a person's ambitions when life is derailed by debilitating illness or overwhelming family obligations.  Does the 'fire in the belly' just go away or does it slowly burn with frustration and anger?
 I love this nose!

How do Ambition and Contentment relate? Can a very ambitious person ever be truly content?  
Can we choose to live with either one of Ambition or Contentment?
Is it necessary at times to choose?
I love this smile (and even the stinky dogbreath)!

Does ambition have any value in a person who does not possess a clear goal?

I wonder what he's thinking?
I've only asked questions because I want to hear what you have to think!   


luckybunny said...

Well first of all I love the pictures and I'm glad to see you post. Secondly, good questions. I certainly don't think one's ambitions go away when live takes a turn with illness or some other overwhelming thing, I suppose after a while the fire might burn out if you have no hope left, but I believe as long as one has hope in the future, your ambitions always live on. I'm not sure what makes some content with what they have and some strive for more, but I think there is also more than one way to be ambitious - many different ways although not all are recognized...

Julia said...

Ambition is an interesting word, and what an interesting post! I wouldn't consider myself ambitious, but I get restless if I'm not learning something new or moving forward and progressing in something I already do. Maybe that is the same thing? If it is, I don't know if it goes away.

Azure Accessories said...

Great photos Norma!

I stopped by when you first published this but was not able to respond so thought I'd come back and read it again.

I think we all go through specific stages in our lives...some of us strive to be the very best we can be, to reach the top, while others are more content to live each moment as it comes...that doesn't makes someone less ambitious. I don't think ambition goes away regardless of life experiences, we learn to adapt, grow and change in relation to where we are in our lives.

An ambitious person will be content when they are doing what makes them truly happy...don't you think?

Thought provoking questions Norma...

Carol Tomany said...

For me ambition is a positive quality and a driving force. I agree with all the comments posted. You are all very articulate!!

I believe that sometimes ambitions have to be modified to fit the situation and sometimes the situation has to be modified to fit the ambition.

Good luck - great pictures