Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding the Wonderful

As I've mentioned, I work in a public library.  To be specific, I work in the basement of the public library, which holds the reference collection, the movie, audiobook, music collections, as well as the public access internet computers.  It's a busy place.  Like any worker behind a public service desk, I meet many kinds of wonderful people.  I also meet a few kinds of people who need some more help to find their 'wonderful' side.

Last night, I might have met the Spirit of Christmas.

This cute little guy about six came up to the counter, reached up to hand me a candy cane and wished me a heartfelt 'Merry Christmas'!   My face exploded into a smile and I burst out 'Oh, thank you! Aren't you just a bundle of JOY?!!!'.  He absolutely beamed at this.  I saw he was carrying a big red-ribboned basket full of candy canes and was making the rounds to every patron and staff in the library.

There's the MAGIC of CHRISTMAS...I'm still smiling about this one. 

His mom that was standing quietly a few feet away deserves big kudos.  She's helped her son find that the true spirit of the season is to be found in spreading some Joy to his community, rather than spreading some money around the mall.

When I think about it, the more actions like this by more people and we could all move a little closer to our 'wonderful' sides.

Christmas has different meaning to each of us who recognize that day.  Some make the season last for at least a month of extravagant festivities, while others feel Dec 25th approach with a sad ache and feel relief on Dec 26th.

I don't think of myself as a religious person, but at times I find myself praying.  I follow a great cooking blog written by some lovely Mennonite women.  Every Sunday, their spiritual post is called 'Bread for the Journey'.  I did find comfort in their post this past Sunday.  Perhaps you will, too.


Zenitude said...

Thanks for the link Norma. The post is certainly touching. The actions in Connecticut leave us with many questions and only faith in better tomorrows will get us through.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Good parenting is getting more rare and your Christmas Tale was truly delightful. Thank you for sharing. A Very Merry Christmas♥

luckybunny said...

That is wonderful, and I agree his mom deserves big kudos - what a great thing to allow her son to do for his sake and for everyone else's - you don't see that enough now a days. What a special thing to do :) Beautiful post.

Heather said...

Just when we think the human race is at its lowest point along comes a little boy with a huge smile and a candy cane!!!

The older I get the less I do at Christmas and the more I think about family traditions...

Like you I don't consider myself a religious person, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in a higher power.

Thank you for the link.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Norma...

Rian said...

Norma, Merry Christmas! I'm a bit behind in my blog reading and posting, but promise to catch up after Christmas. And I too don't consider myself a religious person, but I do believe that there's something powerful that can be reached. Whether it's within or without or all around us, I don't know, but I do know it's there. And for some reason, Christmas helps us see this. This is part of the 'magic' of Christmas for me.

Val said...

Hi Norma,

It seems that I wandered across your blog again just when I needed a smile. Thank you and thanks for the link.

My first year of retirement has flown by, but this year I want to be more like your candy cane gentleman.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks for your comments. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013!

Lisa said...

Thoughtful post.