Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Borrowed a Back Yard

It's very rare that we get away, but hubby and I managed to slip away to Niagara Falls, Ontario last weekend.  It had been 31 years since my last visit.


Niagara Falls is the Honeymoon Capital of the World. wasn't my honeymoon then, either.  This time, though, the hotel was significantly classier and the view from the room was much better.  Not the backyard that I want to wake up to on a daily basis, but for a night or two, it's wonderful.

We even paid $15 to park right down by the Falls on Saturday.  The trees were ice-covered, the walking treacherous and we got soaking wet.  No crowds, though! 
It was great to get away, even for a brief escape.  

I found this young partridge out and about in the yard today.  Looking for the pear tree perhaps?  (Not in this climate, buddy!)
I'm weaving bookmarks.  At one time, I thought weaving bookmarks or teatowels was a waste of time and talent.  However, over the years I have been given an assortment of handwoven bookmarks from weaving friends and I can remember their thoughtfulness everytime I move a bookmark from page to page.

The mint coloured bookmark was given to me by a weaving acquaintance a few years ago.  I am using her weaving pattern but using different colours of thread.  It's surprising how different they look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Norma: Wonderful pictures of Niagara Falls - passed through often in winter but only spent time there in the summer when I lived in Ontario. I love your woven bookmark - today I'm knitting!

luckybunny said...

First of all, I'm so glad you got away! I haven't been down there in a very long time either, but it's a nice escape and lots of fun :) You deserved it! Lucky to get a shot of a partridge! I haven't seen one here all fall, it's worrying me. The bookmarks are absolutely beautiful!

Azure Accessories said...

Getting away is definitly a good thing! Doesn't really matter where...although I do enjoy Niagara Falls!

Love the book marks...

Carol Tomany said...

Really lovely