Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gales of November

Snow tires with studs...worth every penny when you drive a little car.  This past week has brought freezing rain, high winds and snow.

Looking outside the kitchen window, I don't relish venturing outside for chores.

Even the herd doesn't want to go outside these days.

But the hay is outside.

My 'good life' fitness program includes lugging these 40 lb bales out to each hay feeder.

When I bundle up against the cold, it's actually a good way to start the morning.  My cheeks are rosy red from the biting wind, though.
I went to my local spinning and weaving guild meeting the other day.  We have "show and tell" after the meeting.  It's supposed to be about fibre arts, but I showed my new e-book reader.  I didn't think my recent spinning project would dazzle anyone.

Guild member Rosalynn had this beautiful jacket in an undulating weave structure using funky coloured yarns.

 And these colourful woven teatowels.  What a piece of art.
I am inspired by creative people.

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