Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Smoke is in the House

It's official. Smokey the Barn Cat is retired. After a couple invites into the house, and putting the husky in her place with a few well-placed swats, Smokey has settled in.

We aren't sure how old Smokey is. We guesstimate about 8-9 years old. Smokey came with a mysterious past. His previous owner brought the cat home upon graduation from his university frat-house, where the cat had lived among young men. After some time, that owner gained a new fiance that was allergic to the cat. Smokey took right to the barn, made quick remedy to our barn mouse problem and never strayed. In turn, he had a comfy spot in a heated barn room with a cat door, 2 squares a day and all the necessary vet care. Although he was wary of the alpacas, he loved farming. When hubby would walk out to the back pasture to close a gate, faithful Smokey would always be walking along beside him. Smokey was right with us, whether we were fixing fences or skirting fleeces.

We figure Smokey has reached the age where he deserves more comfort and companionship. Apparently, so does he.

The only issue is that I can't keep him out of my alpaca shop located in the house. It's like an obsession for him to be in there, and I'd rather not be mixing cat hair with the alpaca fibres. However, if you think about it....he's lived with alpacas for the last 4 years, he probably thinks he belongs there.

I have a very different life than I had 12 years ago. Way different. About that time, I was doing some soul-searching as my life wasn't about what I wanted. I read a few self-help and motivational books. One must have suggested writing down what you imagined your perfect life to look like that started with the phrase "I see myself...."

I still have that piece of paper somewhere. There are about 7 main phrases there. One of the items said "I see myself amid a circle of artists".

I put that list away for years. One day years later, I came upon the list and realized that, even without my directed effort, most of the items had come true in some way. I guess that by recognizing what you want, you put things in motion to get there.

I can especially recognize that I am, indeed, amid a circle of artists. Artists enrich my life. True artists have the courage to let their individual light shine. I'm still working on that.

My friend Fay came over the other day to get my opinion of an applique quilt she was piecing together.

This is what comes of Fay's imagination....

The details in her work are amazing.

I met Fay through my alpaca yarn shop and she fast became a good friend. I have met so many interesting and talented people through my small business. Some of them, I haven't actually met in person, but through email or Ravelry.
Fibre artists share a bond and I usually feel like I've met an old friend.
Here's some shots that my new friend, Val sent me. It's of my handdyed fibre that she bought and spun on her spindle.
Yes, Val....I also would need a beer to spin on a spindle ;)
(Seriously, some people swear by the spindle....I could never get the hang of it. I didn't work with a quality balanced spindle, which might have been my problem. Little kids in Peru can master this while they walk!)
I think Val is a natural!
I know that Val is addicted. She's just purchased her first spinning wheel. I remember that fibre artists, it's better than the "new car smell".


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Smart cat, Smokey has chosen the right season to make the transition to the house! That roving is the same colour as the Autumn rose bulky yarn I got from you. So beautiful, I love it.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks, Wooly
I like that colourway colours.
Smokey's move has a lot to do with the spring passing of our other dog, Molly, who kept Smokey away from the house. Poor Lucy (Husky)is terrified of the cat, but we figure by Christmas they will probably be cuddling buddies.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I guess we all go through transitions, even "Smokey"! Great story...

I think you are on the right track Norma...your work is fact I saw someone wearing a gorgeous turquoise scarf last week and commented on it and was proudly told it was a "Norma Wall"...

Isn't being in the circle wonderful...artists/artisans/crafters are a great group of people!

In answer to your question...things are just now slowing down for me...something has to be put on hold which for me has been the blog/website...will get back consistently soon!
Enjoy your weekend Norma!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Thanks Heather...that comment about the scarf has made my day ;)

Mona said...

What a wonderful post! And love those colors in the yarn too. I've noticed as well that fiber artists are such the friendliest people and I'm also enjoying the community spirit. Have a great day all!