Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a Slow Wednesday

I wandered into my friend's gift shop the other day.  Joanne is clearing her stock, as she has just sold her gift shop that she has run for several decades in our small town.

And I fell in love....  

Isn't he beautiful? (or do you think it's a she?)

It's silly.  I'm not a big consumer of decor items, especially since I'm at the stage in life where I'm trying to de-clutter. But really....I couldn't resist.  It called to me.  I know its a lucky talisman for my kitchen. Besides, I got a stellar deal, too.

Do you have a suggestion for a name for him (her)?

I'm learning how to knit socks with the "Magic Loop" method.  I really didn't think I wanted to learn this, but my knitter friend insisted on showing me.  I have to admit that the rounds go a lot easier than on DPNs, which I was perfectly happy with.  However, I got stuck after I turned the heel and I've left this project.  I need a morning, a coffee and no pressure to put my head into it.

Some pictures from my morning out at the barn...

I covet my neighbour's that wrong?  It's currently hay fields.  I can picture a herd of 100 alpacas over there grazing.  No fence-posts or barn over there, though. Hmmmmmmm.... 

I was greeted by my farm help this morning.  They don't get much done, are kind of goofy, but they work for free and don't disturb the quiet peacefulness of the barn.

I'd like to know what is making a home under the barn these days.  Too big for a mouse or chipmunk, I think.  I hope it's not a weasel eyeing my chickens.

This is Ka'Kocha.  He's in a pasture by himself for the time being.  He can see the girls all the time, so he's okay about that.  He'd like to get in with the other boys to remind them who's boss.  Big Ka'Kocha outweighs our younger herdsire, Striker, by about 60 lbs.  Striker has that little guy attitude though...keeps challenging the big guy.
A couple months ago, for the first time ever on our farm, we had a gate failure.  KaKocha got in with the girls unattended.  He was too busy trying to ensure the other guys were on the side of the fence, that I think he forgot all about the ladies! (Well, I guess we'll know for sure next summer.)


Wooly Knits n Bits said...

Love the chicken! Not quite sure if it looks more like a her or a him though.
Eager for next summer to know if you'll have extra crias on the farm.
Have a look at today's post on my blog, I've put up a picture for you.

katkin said...

I love that rooster.I think you should name him rollie,don't mask me why,i just think he is round and cute.

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Wooly - you got me. Funny! Wonder who got the chicken first.

Katkin - Rollie is under consideration.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I love your fella...I don't go much for nick nacky things either but I had a porcelain (kitchen)rooster and loved it...was broken though!

Tallie...because he is a talisman for you!

Great photos and convo to go with it!
I've knitted many, many years ago with one needle similar to the one you are using...wasn't making socks though...never made socks for that matter! You are a fabulous knitter, you'll get the hang of it...take a deep breath and go for it!

Freezing rain right now...good night for a book!
Take care Norma...