Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring Possibly Here?

Temperatures here have been unseasonally warm and sunny here this week.
Everybody is asking "Is this it?"

Yesterday, I saw my first motorcycle of the year on the road. It was a perfect Northern Ontario spring day. Blue sky, clear roads and the snow on the snowmobile trails was still packed and hard enough to take a long hike through the bush with my daughter.

However, I remember that our members event on May 31 last year was cancelled due to a snow storm. Yes, that was a freak weather event, but having lived most of my life in Northern Ontario...I know not to put the snow tires or the plow away.

View of the farm from the back yard.

Pine trees and blue sky...this is where I always will call home.

My weekend dyeing, rose and denim 4 ply bulky 100% alpaca. It's available in the store now. I knit myself a afghan out of this yarn in natural cream....yummy, warm and soft. It does have a weight to it, which is perfect for a snuggly afghan.

This is my most senior dog, Molly. She'll be soon turning 14. We've had her since she was a pup from the pound, so she's been through a lot with me. Molly is the kind of dog would put herself in between me and a bear to protect me to the end. It's sad to see her getting tired and slow.
Thanks for reading my blog and I really appreciate it when people leave comments. It makes me feel connected.

I have a few favorite blogs that I follow. It is addictive. Check this one out when you have time. It's from a lady in Australia who is keen on living simply and it's chock full of good ideas. The funny thing is, with the time difference, I read her Friday entry on what is our Thursday night...


Azure Islands Designs said...

Like you Norma I've lived here all my life and I know better than to think spring is here...but we can enjoy the warmer weather & sun while it lasts!!!

Gorgeous colors in your farm photos...the color of the sky is beautiful!!!!!

You are right blogging can be addictive...I do tend to get side tracked so I have to keep myself focused! :0)


Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Aha - you are back! I will have to check your blog for an update. I won't be at the Market meeting as I have other obligations.
See you soon.