Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smokey the Barn Cat

Meet Smokey the Barn Cat.

Our property is divided between the 1 acre that the house sits on and the 89 acre farm by a creek. Our dogs stay on the house side of the creek. Smokey (usually) stays on his farm side. Every morning and every evening, Smokey waits for his people to come visit him. He does keep a good eye out for the dogs. Smokey is a great barn cat. He never strays far and will follow us out around the pastures like a faithful friend. His former home was a university frat-house...I think he likes it here much better. He has a cat-door into a heated room in the barn. He gets wet and dry food, flea protection and vaccinations. He's in top form. He even has a girlfriend next door who visits but doesn't want to move in.
Smokey knows that the dogs are getting old and it's only a matter of time before he makes the move from the barn to the house to spend his retirement.

Look like a photo from a National Geographic article on some poor drought ravaged nation?
Well, sadly, this is one of the alpacas dust bath areas in the pasture. At the end of March, this should be a puddle. Yikes, it's dry this year!

Oh, the excitement spring brings! Here are my female alpacas in the front pasture...all on guard and sounding the alarm calls! What could it be?
Curious, I donned my boots and sweater and headed over to their side of the bridge.
Bravely, with camera in hand, I went over to the fence-line. I couldn't see anything but boy, the girls were upset and staring towards my neighbour's field.
So I headed down the fence-line, toward the brush area, to get a better look. Maybe a deer, a coyote, a bear?
The alpacas all made a quick start and made a dash toward the barn.
For that brief second, I thought "Hmmmm....perhaps I should have brought something other than a camera." (I've had those thoughts a lot over the think I'd learn!)

Then, I saw my neighbour Ed, dressed in a black snowsuit, heading out of his old metal outbuilding...probably getting his landscaping tools out for the spring.

I should have known. Last week, the girls were very upset because my westerly neighbour parked her van behind her garage, instead of front as usual. This kept them excited for over an hour.

Another exciting time on the farm!

Another egg picture! Friday, I'll be decorating eggs with my daughter. Have a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend.


Azure Islands Designs said...

What a cute cat Smokey is...they are such creatures of habit aren't they...

That sure is some dry spot...I'm wondering how this winter will effect the water level of the lake as we really didn't have a great deal of snow this season.

The Alpaca's are too funny...imagine them being worried about things they aren't familiar with, something out of the norm!! Smarter than we give them credit for!

Have fun decorating your eggs tomorrow...

Happy Easter

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Happy Easter to you as well, Heather.

I don't know if any amount of rain is gonna fix the lake level or the hay crop....ok, now that I've said that, you can blame me if April is the wettest on season ;)

marj. said...

I have "those thoughts" at three in the morning when the girls are alarm calling and I go out in my nightie and rubber boots with a flashlight and a baseball bat. Thankfully it's usually just a cat or raccoon sitting on the fence across the road making faces at them.

I'm worried about low water levels here too. But at least if we get flooded out I'll know who to blame.

Hope you had a happy and peaceful Easter.